About us

Alyans — is not just a brand name, it is an experience
Referring to the meaning of the word "ALYANS", you will experience the unity. Yes, "ALYANS" means union in French, and you are an important part of that unity.

With 15 years of experience, our company is ready to help you with professional services. Starting from 2007, we intended to produce all kinds of tailor-made workwear and provide you with safety equipment. In order to perform our services at the highest level, we have started our work with equipment made in Japan and Germany, which fully complies with international standards.
of determined team
we produce workwear daily
world-class factory, equipped with professional technologies
we developed, grew up and felt need in bigger factory
We understand that in order to work effectively, everyone needs to know that they are safe and feel themselves comfortable. If the employee's clothing is not resistant to external interference, they will focus on their clothes and, of course, themselves, not being able to concentrate on the work.
With the intention and care to prevent such issues we, as "ALYANS", produce safe, comfortable and modern professional clothing, footwear and protective equipment for various industries (energy, oil, gas, coal, chemical, petrochemical, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and metalworking).

We intend to increase the number and improve the quality of products in the future. One of the main and foremost reasons is to ensure that your professionalism and effectiveness is not jeopardized because of the issue with clothing and protective equipment.
One of our prior missions is to ensure your safety and comfort
The company's mission
As we are open to innovations and offers, we are always happy to receive new orders from you
When you want to make new model with your own design and requirements
When you want to make other changes to an existing model
When it is necessary to make an existing model in non-standard sizes