Logo printing services

Easy and quick way to give staff clothing a corporate look
Logos can be applied in several ways
Logo printing services
Screen printing
Screen printing is the application of paint to a product through a specially prepared stencil. The paint is applied to products with a mesh through small cells using pressure.
Possible on almost any product, bright colors, large application area, reproduces small elements
Color selection is not rich, does not stick to synthetics, it is impossible to apply printing on uneven surfaces.
Application is possible only on materials that can be pierced by an embroidery needle. It is not always possible to convey fine details or a gradient
Accurate application of symbols on objects, strength, durability, bright unfading colors, no deformation, presentable appearance, ease of care
Embroidery on clothes is the most durable application method. On the relatively thin product, it is not recommended to make large embroidery, because it will cause product stretch and will be heavy
Machine embroidery
The image can be easily deformed, erased if not used properly, the selected material must withstand the transfer temperature from 120° C to 200° C
Application on products of complex shape, bright colors, large area of application, reflects halftones and small patterns
Thermal transfer printing
With the help of thermal transfer printing, the image is being printed on a special material, which is then being attached to the product. Application is possible on any detail of workwear.

This technology allows you to accurately reproduce elements of any size and shade. Thermal transfer is actively used for application on inflated vests, jackets, when the product is difficult to smooth out.
The cost of printing services is calculated individually