EOS VV900JA11 Deltaplus

Protective knitted gloves
Coated knitted gloves, 8 cm neoprene cuffs.

Behind the finger parts of the glove there are additional elastic embossed neoprene pads.
Between the thumb and forefinger and inside the palm there are additional protective pads made of "PVC".

The gloves are made from Kevlar thread. High resistance to abrasion and cuts. The wrist area is impact resistant.

Main features: back - polyester with a polyurethane covering; palm part - polyamide/polyurethane, dotted “PVC” coating
Specifications EN388: 4 2 3 3
Wear resistance - 4 (maximum)
Cut resistance - 2
Tear resistance - 3 (high)
Puncture resistance - 3 (high)

Material: Knit

Section: With cut protection

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