Rosomz Somz-55

Construction: The impact-resistant shell of the helmet is made of "Thermotrek" material. The helmet is made with a cover, a stopper, Etalon internal equipment, a regular headband and a jaw belt. The design provides for the use of additional PPE: headphones, face shields, welding shields, balaclavas. Adjustment of the size of a head part (53-65 cm) is possible.

Protective properties: Designed to protect the head from mechanical damage, moisture, sparks, splashes of liquid and molten metal. Recommended for use in metallurgy, mechanical engineering and other industries.

Temperature range: -50 to +50°С
TR CU 019/2011
Approximate total weight: 0.355 kg
Approximate total volume: 0.00651 m3

Product type: Helmet

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