АРХ Trailer with ВС-05Н belt

It is used in security complexes ВС-05Н for the organization of fire safety. Suitable for rescue and evacuation operations.

The trailer has a 5-point size adjustment. The length of the shoulder straps can be changed with a single movement. The advanced design of the seat belts allows the trailer to fit the user's size. There are special loops on the belt that allow you to fasten the connecting tools of the shock absorber system and carabiners (up to 7 kg). The rotating belt on the trailer allows the body to rotate during operation.

Number of connection points "A": 2
  • On the back there is a D-shaped steel ring with an extended belt (it is forbidden to wear a sling on the belt, only to fasten the locking devices)
  • There is a D-ring on the chest strap

Number of D-rings: 2 on the waist.
Material: polyester mesh with reflective threads.
Stall indicator: under inspection book
Evacuation loops: on straps
Operating temperature: -50 to +50°С
Weight: 2.36 kg
Maximum user weight: 110 kg.
Expiration date: 10 years from the date of manufacture
Warranty period: 4 years
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