Ansell EDGE 48-700 Gloves

Gloves with high cut resistance: elastic, do not restrict hand movements, durable. The base of the thumb is reinforced for durability.

Features: high cut resistance

Main material: Combination of high strength polyethylene and fiberglass fibers wrapped with polyester and spandex threads.

Cuff: knit
Length: 215-245 mm
Recommended: body work, machine work, metal and sheet metal work, assembly, finishing
TR CU 019/2011
GOST 12.4.252-2013 (keçmiş GOST 12.4.246-2008)
EN 388 343x
Wear resistance - 3: 2000 cycles
Cut resistance - 5:10 (indicator)
Tear resistance - 3: 50N
Puncture resistance - up to x: 20N

Material: Knit

Section: With cut protection

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