Semi-overalls (Model “Azərkimya”)

  • Reflective strip: 5 cm wide, yellow/grey/yellow
  • Fabric: 99% flame retardant “FR” cotton, 1% antistatic
  • Provides protection to the chest and lower body from bright, convective and contact heat
  • Flame retardant yarn fabric
  • Sweating in hot weather does not cause an unpleasant odor
  • Does not change size, does not lose incombustibility even after repeated washings
  • Provides protection against electric arcing
  • Extremely durable and highly resistant to repeated washes
  • Thanks to the anti-static fiber in the fabric, the accumulation of an electric charge is prevented
  • On the chest there is a fire-resistant pocket with a zipper
  • There are two side pockets
  • At the back there is a pocket with a flap, which closes with a fireproof button

Fabric: FR Cotton gabardine

Fabric weight: 350 g/m²

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