Half mask 3M 6200

3M 6200 is a medium-sized half mask for universal use. Provides protection against gases, vapours, dust and aerosols.

Filters, pre-filters and pre-filter holders are supplied separately and selected for specific production conditions.

ATTENTION: Masks with a filter element should not be left in a polluted environment - the filters will quickly break down, absorbing harmful substances from polluted air.

Protection type: double filter design, bayonet filters
Degree of protection: Wide range of filters, up to 50 MPC
Type of breathing: with valves for breathing and exhalation; reduces the accumulation of hot air and moisture, reduces filter wear

  • A variety of filter options are available to suit different working conditions
  • Three sizes - suitable for any face shape
  • Non-allergenic material of the half mask sits softly and tightly on the face along the tension line
  • Good balance, low head and neck pressure
  • Comfortable design protects the eyes and head, does not interfere with vision

The 3M 6200 half mask can be used in conjunction with the C-200 air supply system. If necessary, rinse with water using detergents (without filters).

Application: construction; when using or producing spray paints with a high concentration of gases and aerosols, etc.

Size: medium
Packing: Individual
Conform to standard: EN140: 1998

Product type: Respirator

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