Blocking device ARX UB-4 6M

The ARX SUB-1 support system is used to organize a safe fall stop with a small safety margin.
The ARX UB-4 6M support system is used to safely stop a fall from a certain height.

Material: combined polyamide-kevlar fabric.
Body material: plastic
There is a shock absorber inside the case.
Tape length: 6 m
Tape Width: 17mm
Drop rate that the device can use: 0 (on user's head)
Allowable bending angle - vertical 40° (maximum)
Carabiner hole: 24mm (bottom), 18mm (top)
Headroom when using a locking device: min. 1.5 m
Fall indicator: in lower carabiner
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Weight: 1.8 kg
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